Engineering & Services

Omax-CAD-photoIn addition to our cutting-edge abrasive waterjet machines and exceptional customer service, Waterjet West also offers engineering consultation. Our experience allows us to advise you on the absolute best method for developing your project to obtain the most economical approach thereby saving you time and material cost.

Scott Cormany, Principal, holds a degree in Manufacturing Engineering and has 30 years of experience ranging from airframe and jet engine manufacturing to race car production. He has also worked with both general contractors on special architectural projects and with heavy equipment manufacturers. Scott leads and oversees our production team.

We are your cutting solutions partner in project development and can also provide ancillary and sub-contract services that are required for successful project completion. We offer on-site light gauge brake forming, light assembly, and non-structural welding on steel and stainless. We have helped our clients in project areas such as:

  • Computer Aided Drafting (CAD)
  • Design for lowest cost production
  • Digitizing
  • Drawing conversion
  • Layout
  • Material acquisition
  • Material selection
  • Metal finishing
  • Metal forming
  • Reverse engineering
  • Secondary machining
  • Tapping
  • Welding


BulkheadOur customer needed to implement design changes to this power transmission bulkhead but they did not have a blueprint or CAD file for the design. We reverse-engineered from the existing bulkhead on the left and made the modifications to produce the new part on the right. To save cost on the redesign, a sample bulkhead was cut from wood (center) to perform a ‘live-fit’ check prior to cutting the finished metallic component.


“Waterjet West always provides us with great service and a top notch product no matter how big or small the order or how ‘one-off’ the item may be. We have presented their staff with challenges that could only be met by having that face-to-face you get with a local vendor. The excellent quality of their staff, service, pricing and product keeps us coming back.”

EPIC Wakeboats / San Diego, CA