Plastics Projects

We have cut a wide variety of parts for our clients from many types of Polyethylene, Polycarbonate (Lexan), Acrylic, ABS, Teflon (PTFE), Fiberglass FR-4, G-10, G-11, Phenolic, Nylon, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and Carbon Composites delivering below target costs over conventional cutting methods.


Abrasive waterjet cutting is an excellent choice for cutting Signboard (expanded PVC ). We cut signage features, lettering, and logos for clients, including intricate details not achievable using a flat bed router. The flexibility and level of detail that the waterjet can handle allows for limitless design opportunities.


Technical Considerations for Waterjet Hole Piercing of Plastics

Brittle plastics such as acrylic can fracture during waterjet hole piercing which leaves fracture lines. We recommend using a polycarbonate material if design permits because it can be pierced without effect, or start holes can be drilled prior to the machining process to eliminate the piercing step.


Reinforced plastics can delaminate during small hole piercing which is due to high pressure forces exerted while cutting. To remedy this, start holes must be drilled prior to small hole piercing by the waterjet. Large holes, cut outs and periphery features are not subject to this condition because the pierce is made far enough away from the finished product edge and any delamination is discarded in the cut away material.



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Nylon Gears

Acrylic Lettering

PVC Vent Grate

Polycarbonate Detail Part

Polycarbonate Panel

HDPE Hatch Cover

ABS Latch

LDPE Sintra

Polycarbonate Nameplate


Expanded PVC Grill