Titanium Projects

 Waterjet machining is a superior choice for titanium cutting because of its sensitivity to heat and chlorinated solvents that can change the metallurgical chemistry. Our process also leaves a smooth edge finish without the need for any secondary processes. A waterjet cut edge can go directly into a welded structure without any pre-treatment as conventionally machined items require which saves time and money.


Titanium comes in a variety of alloys from Ti 6Al-4V, 6Al-6V-2Sn, 8Al-1Mo-1V, 8 MN, and 15-3-3-3, 6-2-4-2 to all grades of commercially pure 1 – 5. We have experience cutting products for customers in a wide range of industries.


Waterjet West uses sophisticated nesting software to cut these high cost alloys, improving your material yield and reducing scrap. The cutting process produces a narrow kerf with no side forces on materials so parts can be positioned closer within the material sheet.



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Hand Axe

Knuckle Guard

Titanium Swords

Pre-Machine Blank 1

Dental Device

Pre-Machine Blank 2

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